Ultimate Demon Review

Ultimate Demon is the number one link building software developed by Edwinsoft. Let’s take a look at what this means to link builders and SEO experts everywhere.

Edwinsoft have been in the business of developing SEO tools for almost 8 years. Their break through product was called “Bookmark Demon” and it is still going strong to this very day. For a one off fee users bought a product capable of creating high quality bookmark links on a range of sites. High Page rank links with a great deal of authority.

Ultimate Demon official developer video

Amazingly, this product is for a one-off fee, and is still updated free of charge to all users to this very day. I can’t think of any SEO product or service anywhere that has been around for almost 8 years and still offers such great customer support. Edwinsoft really know their business and providing long term updates for their SEO and link building products has given them an A1 reputation for customer service.

So what is Ultimate Demon?

Ultimate Demon The Link Building Tool

At it’s heart Ultimate Demon is designed to give web masters and those promoting their websites with good ethical offsite SEO campaigns all the tools they need on one box to just “get the job done”.

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Paul Rone-Clarke (AKA “Scritty”) has been working with the product and it’s users for almost 2 years and knows the way it works as well as anyone outside of the development team.

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It incorporates all of the functionality of the original Bookmarking Demon. Also all the article spinning and posting power of another great product “Article Demon”. Then it does a whole lot more…

In these days diversity is the key to any good link building. This is where Ultimate Demon really comes into its own. There are just so many sites that it can post to that it is staggering.

Firstly there are over 100 sites that are coded by the developers. High Page rank sites that cheap ‘n’ cheerful tools like “GSA search engine ranker” can’t even touch. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit, Soup, IO, Digg, Ezine, Article Alley, Selfgrowth and many many more.

Then there is the ability to add you own sites, scraped using perhaps Scrapebox or maybe Hrefer (the Xrumer scraper). There are 29 open source platform sites that you can create links on. An almost limitless number of possibilities.

Article Beach
Article Dashboard
Article Friendly
Article EMS
WPMU WordPress sites
Public Bookmark
Scuttle Plus

These alone, when added to the super powerful custom coded sites would be massively powerful, but this is just the beginning!

PHP Weby
WSN Links
Idoc (Document)
RSS Aggregators
Press Release Sites

So the power to create as many links as you want is there. So much power it is staggering! But what else does Ultimate Demon offer. What makes this a stand out tool

Absolute Link Building Control

In these post Penguin and Panda days, the ability to create links alone is simply not enough. You need control.

Effective search engine optimization requires that the webmaster knows before hand what content is going on which website and how it will be linked. Some of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration include;

  • Niche appropriate linking
  • Exact control of multimedia (images/videos) with links
  • Control of Page rank
  • Anchor text variation
  • Multiple content possibilities for every submission
  • Drip fed links. Natural linking
  • Multiple platform linking
  • Tiered SEO to power up direct links
  • Anonymity. Use of proxies
  • Hands off ease with captcha solving and automatic content fetching
  • Speed 60 threads
  • Safety Socket rather than browser based submission

An effective campaign is only possible if the user knows exactly which content is going on which sites and when before it starts.

Be warned. Other “cheap and cheerful” link building tools do not offer this required level of control. Many of those that claim to, fail dismally in action. Ignoring the users settings and creating inappropriate links in the wrong numbers on the wrong platforms with the wrong content at the wrong speed.

Ultimate Demon Gives The User Complete Control Over Every Aspect Of Their SEO

In the time since Ultimate Demon was released it has been updated and improved many times. It has a “silent” update procedure every time you log on. It connects to the master server, and in the background with no fuss or bother it updates the scripts and code that are essential to ensuring that it retains a high success rate for profile creation and content submission. No fuss, no “download” required. It just does it every time. It has several of these updates every week on average.

Not only do the developers of Ultimate Demon continually update the core code, these silent updates also add new sites for serious link builders to utilize. Again completely without the need for any user interaction.

New Features Added Constantly

If that was all there was, then Ultimate Demon would represent far and away the best value tool for serious link building on the planet. But this is only the beginning. The developers are adding huge new advances in functionality often. And these are FREE to existing users.

  • The link tree module was added which allows Ultimate Demon to create highly complex tiered linking structures automatically.
  • New platforms have been added constantly
  • Direct application calls have been coded in for many new content providers and captcha solving tools
  • Extra features added constantly to give users even more control of their SEO admin
  • And so much more. With even more to come with every free new update.

Remember, these developers have almost 8 years experience and a track record of product support second to none in SEO.

Will Ultimate Demon continue to develop and be improved?

You bet it will!

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